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The area was devoid of homes, street lights and traffic. Following the above guidelines and a little searching on Google can give you many ideas on how to reduce your contribution to light pollution. As the population of the planet increases, so does the amount of homes, businesses, parking lots, schools, airports and roadways. One of the saddest parts of light pollution is that most of it is unnecessary and most of the outdoor light that we use is wasted. Install outdoor lighting that limits the amount of light that escapes upward. Get involved in educating your neighbors and city officials about light pollution. Less than 10 years ago I drove to a less populated section of my town lay down in the middle of the road and watched a spectacular meteor shower.
Thousands of birds die each year when they crash into highly lit buildings, as they become disoriented by the light. Birds use the moon and the stars to navigate and migrate and are the species most affected by light pollution. This affects the air we breathe and our quality of life. Avoid the use of extensive unnecessary decorative lighting on our homes. Install motion sensor lights where possible. Light pollution is one of the easiest sources of pollution that can be corrected without a negative impact.
If I did that today, first off I wouldnt be able to see the meteor shower as well, due to the increase in street lights, but I would surely be run over by a car. Even the birds at sea that depend on the bioluminescent plankton to feed, are being drawn to lit structures along the shore. . If it is safe, go out in the dark and enjoy the night sky. Humans demand these lights. They have biological rhythms that are being profoundly affected by light pollution. It has been long know that tiny sea turtle hatchlings become disorientated and follow lights on the shore instead to heading towards the sea. One can only guess at the amount of money Spring machine supplier spent to pay for that wasted electricity. Install timers on lights. One must weigh the balance of whether we want to keep our streets and parking lots safe or do we want to breathe cleaner air? Scientists are also studying the effects of light pollution on wildlife. With the millions of streetlights worldwide, this is a serious problem. Much of the lights we use indoors spills outside and contributes to light pollution.
One only need to look at a row of street lights to see how much of the light shines upwards and lights the sky; a total waste of electricity. They want their homes more comfortable and they want their streets safe. Additionally, somewhere this electricity needs to generated, and the generation of that electricity creates pollution by emitting greenhouse gasses. Install low wattage lighting fixtures when possible. Light pollution has always been a problem for those of us who are interested in learning about the night sky, but now scientist are finding that light pollution can be almost as bad as carbon dioxide pollution. So what individuals do about light pollution? The simple answer is to turn off all unnecessary lights in our home.
If you have ever taken a flight at night, the view is beautiful, but you must remember that all the light you see is wasted electricity. Urban sprawl has taken over those sparsely populated areas. The crews of the space shuttles see an even bigger picture of how extensive this wasted electricity is worldwide.More and more research about the negative effect light pollution has on humans and wildlife is coming to light (pun intended). All these structures use electricity and need to be lighted. Dont turn on lights every time you go outdoors. Many creatures are nocturnal and depend on darkness to hunt, navigate and to even to breed. The problem is that researchers are finding that all this light is having a negative impact on humans and wildlife as well.
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